Achieving the proportion of naming the Arabic manuscript book

Juma Al Majid Center
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On Thursday, March 17, 2022, the Juma Al Majid Center for Culture and Heritage in Dubai, in cooperation with the King Abdulaziz Complex for Endowment Libraries in Madinah, organized a remote lecture entitled “Achieving the Ratio of Naming the Arabic Manuscript Book: Huda Al-Sari” as a Model”, presented by Dr. Muhammad bin Humaid Al-Awfi, Counselor In his lecture, Dr. Muhammad Al-Awfi dealt with four main themes, the first of which are: the fixed name of Ibn Hajar Al-Asqalani’s introduction, which is the introduction, as well as the introduction to Fath Al-Bari, and the introduction to the explanation of Al-Bukhari, and in the second axis he talked about Huda Al-Sari, which is the name of a book An old version of Ibn Hajar in the biography of Imam al-Bukhari, then he continued his talk about in the third axis, in which he showed the weakness of the ratio of the naming of Huda al-Sari to the introduction to Fath al-Bari by al-Hafiz Ibn Hajar in writing and quotation, and he concluded in the fourth axis by saying that the problem place in the text if its copies are not collected and there is a contradiction in some of them is hardly clear During the lecture, many questions and inquiries were asked to the lecturer, who in turn answered all of them, and at the end of the lecture, the center thanked Dr. Muhammad Al-Awfi for presenting e seer